Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Hook

So, this is mostly about my beer review, with a little Austin exploring thrown in.  As someone without a car, I am not afraid of a little walking.  For example, last week I walked over two miles to go to that tango event because I missed my bus (sigh, I know), but at the time, did not think it was a big deal.  However, my coworker was so appalled/impressed that I went home and mapped it, discovering it was actually a 2.34 mile trek, and that damn, I was booking it!

That is a lot of introduction to say, I walked down to the capitol building with my boyfriend tonight to look at the big decorated fir tree.  We took an extremely long route that mostly involved wandering around the UT campus talking seriously until we decided to really go somewhere.  I don't know, is it weird to get pleasure out of looking at a freakishly large tree with lights and Styrofoam stars on it?  If so, I'm such a freak.  I mean, I didn't giggle and skip around or anything, but my boyfriend was pretty surprised by my "joy" at seeing the tree.  While I wouldn't say I was joyful, I do like what the tree represents.  For me, Christmas time is family time.  It's when little things are special.  We pull out ornaments we only get to see once a year.  We make foods that signify "yep, it's the holidays!"  We watch movies and read books and poems that put magic back into our lives.  Sure, it's an overly commercial holiday and I have issues with perceived gift giving inadequacy.  But it's a time when people are (or can be) nicer to each other.  When we take stock of the great people and things in our lives and actually take the time to make memories and be with the ones we love.  I think that's great.  I love Christmas music and decorating, cookies and being around my family, advent calendars and anticipation.  While the getting of gifts has lost the amazing luster and excitement from my childhood, I still love carefully removing wrapping paper.  Sometimes ripping it off.  I love seeing everyone's reactions to the gifts I have tried to tailor to my friends and family.  It's fun, it's magical, it's special.  Who doesn't want a little extra special in their lives?

Winter Hook (12/14/11)
Red Hook, Seasonal
WA, NH, OR (not sure which it is??)
2 out of 5 
Soooo heavy.  The tagline is "Has absolutely no interest in sitting on Santa's lap," which is appropriate, considering how bitter it is.  I mean, it says "Dark and Bold" on the packaging- I should have been appropriately warned, no?  Sigh.  I just can't help my penchant for trying seasonals.  Slightly unimportant note- I love their packaging.  A+ to whoever redid their logo and bottle design.

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