Wednesday, August 24, 2011

019. Start doing yoga again

To complete this goal:  Do yoga at least 5 times in the same studio/gym.  This should be a class, though if I worked out a legitimate personal routine, that would count.

Why?  The summer after my sophomore year (I think?) of college, my brother and I had memberships to the same gym, and I went a lot.  Like, five or six times a week, usually for at least an hour, often more.  Best shape I've ever been in, seriously.  Plus, I walked either to or from the gym.  Anyway, I took a yoga class there regularly, and I loved it.  I like the focus, and the breathing, and the always trying to go farther and be more body aware.  I haven't found a regular yoga place since, though I've done it on and off and I always incorporate sun salutations into my stretching.  I want to get back to that feeling I always got after yoga class!

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