Wednesday, August 24, 2011

090. Embrace a different kind of style

To complete this goal:  Play around with fashion.  Try an outfit with gothic touches- corsets, heavy eye makeup, split gauge earrings, colored hair clip-ins, etc.  Or go more boho- flowy, bat wing tops, brown boots, delicate necklaces, etc.  Clearly I have some ideas about this already, though the category names are pretty arbitrary.  Anyway, wear at least one outfit that's not my normal style, like I've wanted to but have been too embarrassed to.

Why?  I don't want to be afraid to try something new in something as innocuous as fashion.  Also, I've always loved thinking about outfits to put together, but play it very safe regarding what I actually wear.  It's time to let that go, while I'm still young enough for it to not be a big deal to experiment.

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