Wednesday, August 24, 2011

040. Try and rate 10 beers, wines, and teas

To complete this goal: 
      Critera: Name (date)
Serving style: size bottle, loose tea, etc.
Place of origin: country/state
Rating: x out of 5
Comments: description and recommended or not recommended

Why?  The beer is because I can't seem to help myself- I'm always trying new beers.  The funny thing is that I usually don't like it.  There are a few that I like, but honestly, I've tried so many so sporadically that I forget which ones I like the best!   A record would help me keep that straight. . .

The wine goes back to when I was 15ish and my parents had a subscription to Food + Wine.  I read all the sections about wine, made lists of the things I wanted to try. . .I was kind of weird.  Anyway, I'd like to have a record of what I like and don't like for that too.

My best friend is pretty obsessed with tea (has been since high school), and I have acquired a lot of tea because I thought that was so cool.  Also, my dad has this intense and complicated tea making method- but I don't want to go that extreme!  I need to get around to drinking that stuff, though.

Progress:  Beers- Winter Hook

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