Wednesday, August 24, 2011

060. Find/create secondary source of income

To complete this goal:  Have a source of income independent from my main job.  This can be teaching private lessons, wedding gigs, tutoring, proofreading, grant writing, a monetized website, a web business with my boyfriend- anything that is not dependent on my regular job situation, so long as the income is relatively stable.  Granted, freelance anything can't be guaranteed to be completely consistent, but using my personal discretion for what counts is the important thing. 

Why?  Eh, I'm trying to do a lot of these things anyway- it's an expected part of being a classically trained musician.  This goal is more to get me to be more methodical and focused about acquiring regular freelance work.  I already teach and gig and do a small and irregular amount of grant writing, but I would like those things to be more consistent and a more reliable alternate source of income. 

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