Wednesday, August 24, 2011

066. Familiarize myself with grant writing

To complete this goal:  On the face of it, this seems like a very vague goal.  However, to accomplish this requires a three-pronged approach.  The theoretical, like reading a book or taking a webinar/seminar; the practical, or actually working on a grant; and the analytical (? maybe), or learning more about the other side of things, the reviewing of grant proposals.

Why?  I had a taste of grant writing this past summer at my development internship.  I ended up rewriting a grant proposal that had been originally put together by two people, so it was disjointed and lacked a common voice.  We ultimately won the grant, and I learned that I enjoyed working on the on the writing portion of things, and I like that I feel I am helping worthy causes achieve their goals.  This is also an excellent skill set for me to develop if I am to continue working for non-profits.  Even the for-profit business world can require this type of writing and research abilities.

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